The Resident

6kW Off-Grid Cabin Power Package


Your Recreational Cabin Power Solution

“The Resident” is the perfect power solution for those who have chosen a year-round offgrid living. In power terms, With appropriate appliance selection, The Resident is capable of powering everything a home requires (excepting heating loads, ranges etc).

Occasional automatic cycling of a sound-dampened generator during programmed nonquiet times allows for drastically reduced fuel consumption and noise pollution compared to standard generator-only power solutions.  

System equipment from $25,000 (excluding taxes, permits, installation and generator)

System Description

The Resident Includes

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger and breaker/wiring panel, System Control Panel and an MPPT PV Charge Controller. All appropriate breakers, ground wire, and grounding.
  • Solar PV Panels, aluminum Ground-mount rack with stainless hardware and grounding equipment. Wiring from PV array to controller and optional roof-top mounting of array is customized to your location on a time & materials basis.
  • Automatic Generator Start Controller, Generator charging (power) cable wired to E-Panel. Generator Charging plug and AGS wiring (if applicable) to generator is customized to your equipment on a time & materials basis.
  • Appropriately sized bank of AGM batteries, with battery monitoring shunt. Connector cables wired to E-Panel. Other battery options are available, but CES strongly recommends

    AGM batteries as a better long-term investment over flooded batteries. Particularly for systems that experience longer unsupervised periods, the safety and durability of the sealed, zero-maintenance battery is a major benefit.

Suggested Generators

Cummins QD10kW or QD12kW Diesel

Cummins RS13A/AC LP or NG

Generac 15kW EcoGen LP/NG