Renewable Energy Solutions

Clear Energy Solutions brings over 4 decades experience designing and installing renewable energy systems, both Off-Grid and Grid-Tie applications. From systems that power small cottages to communities, discover the difference, knowledge and peace of mind that comes from working with BC's leaders in renewable solutions.

Solar Grid-Tie Solutions

CES offers industry-leading site assessment, design and installation of Grid-Tie systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

From consulting, system design, approvals, permits, and installation, our experienced team of certified journey people, technicians, and coordinators provide decades of hands-on experience and knowledge of solar system design and installations.

Off-Grid Energy Systems

We install Off-Grid systems for homes, commercial sites, cabins, recreational properties, commercial lodges and communities. We understand the logistics of working in remote locations and on the islands, because we live there too.

Electric Vehicle Charging & Alternative Renewables

We're proud to be leading the charge in the electric vehicle revolution. In fact, Clear Energy Solutions installed the first residential level 2 charger in BC (the second in Canada). CES also completed the first large scale power-managed EVSE fleet charging system for a local police department in the greater Vancouver area. This unique project brought together industry leaders, local government, law enforcement, engineering teams, and enthusiastic trades.

Whether you're exploring installation options, or interested in maintaining or upgrading an existing system, CES can help you navigate this exciting new future.

Pre-Fabricated Modular Power Systems

Clear Energy Solutions has over 10 years’ experience, designing, building, commissioning and integrating a wide range of prefabricated modular power systems for a wide range of needs and system requirements.

These hybrid energy systems bring power to where there is no power! Perfect for farming, ranches, lodges, water irrigation pumping and filtration, communication stations, camps, communities, emergency management services and more.

Whether you're looking to have a pre-built power system dropped off for your own team to “click into place” or custom-built solution for your remote community, our team has the technical depth and experience to turn the lights on and the generator off.

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