The Retreat – Magnum

4kW Off-Grid Cabin Power Package


Your Recreational Cabin Power Solution

“The Retreat” is the perfect power solution for those who need to get-away without forgoing the amenities of civilized life. In power terms, The Retreat is capable of powering everything except resistive loads (ovens, toasters, hair-dryers, baseboard heaters etc).

Occasional automatic cycling of a sound-dampened generator during programmed nonquiet times allows for drastically reduced fuel consumption and noise pollution compared to standard generator-only power solutions.  

From $12,995 | Taxes, permits, installation and generator not included.

System Description

The Retreat - Magnum Includes

  • Magnum Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger, wired on a Midnight E-Panel. Magnum Remote, and a Midnight Classic MPPT PV Charge Controller. All appropriate breakers. Grounding/bonding including ground-wire and ground plate is customized to your location on a time & materials basis.
  • Solar PV Panels, Combiner/Disconnect with appropriate breakers, aluminum rack with stainless hardware, and grounding equipment. Wiring from PV array to controller and roof-top mounting of array is customized to your location on a time & materials basis.
  • Magnum Automatic Generator Start Controller, Generator charging (power) cable wired to E-Panel. Generator connection and AGS wiring (if applicable) to generator is customized to your equipment on a time & materials basis.
  • Appropriately sized bank of AGM batteries, with battery monitoring shunt. Connector cables wired to E-Panel. Other battery options are available, but CES strongly recommends AGM batteries as a better long-term investment over flooded batteries. Particularly for systems that experience longer unsupervised periods, the safety and durability of the sealed, zero-maintenance battery is a major benefit.

Technical Specs:

  • 4kW Magnum MS4024 Inverter with Magnum Advanced Remote, Midnight Classic 200 MPPT PV Controller. Magnum Automatic Generator Start, Battery Monitoring Kit, Web Monitoring kit (optional). System provides 120/240v output.
  • 8 x 250W PV Panels (or better, based on seasonal pricing), PV Racking &
    Combiner/disconnect (2kW of solar production capacity)

  • 8 x 6v L16 390Ah AGM Batteries (9.3kW usable capacity)