‘The Long-Weekender’ – 2kW –

“The Long-Weekender” is the perfect power solution for the part-time country dweller who spends most weekends during the season “up at the cabin” enjoying the summer, outdoors and time with family. In power terms, “The Long Weekender” package is capable of powering efficient lighting (LED or CFL) and your radio, as well as a super insulated cold-plate fridge and the blender for those afternoon blended ice cocktails. All components are sized for seasonal usage, and will require regular charges from a sound-dampened generator.

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System Description:

Magnum Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger, wired on a Midnight E-Panel with remote display panel and MPPT Charge Controller. With all appropriate safety features. Generator Charging plug and AGS wiring to generator is customized to your equipment on a time & materials basis.

Solar PV Panels, anodized aluminum rack with stainless hardware, and all appropriate safety equipment. Wiring from PV array to controller and roof-top mounting of array is customized to your location on a time & materials basis.

Appropriately sized bank of AGM batteries, with battery monitoring shunt. Connector cables wired to E-Panel. Other battery options are available, but CES strongly recommends AGM batteries as a better long-term investment over flooded batteries. Particularly for systems that experience longer unsupervised periods, the safety and durability of the sealed, zero-maintenance battery is a major benefit.