CES PowerCAN Solutions

Modular Diesel-Electric Prime Power Solutions

Single Container configuration for 54-72kW CES PowerCAN
Single Container configuration 54-72kW CES PowerCAN

Clear Energy Solutions, Inc. (CES) has completed designs for a line of standardized diesel-electric power systems capable of immediate integration with renewable inputs. We are taking a modular “platform” approach rather than creating customized designs with fixed output specifications.

These systems are designed for easy integration and expansion in order to provide a scalable growth path to accommodate evolving customer power requirements. Initial designs are focused on addressing load scenarios from 18kW up to 216kW.

Base systems are designed to be field upgradable and further expandable through exchange or integration with additional components.  The generator package can be selected based on local preference, existing experience and available support network, and is sized based on inverter/battery charging requirements.

CES offers a robust and inclusive power solution, including: end-user consultation, integration, training and acceptance, maintenance and support packages, communications systems, project management, logistics, installation and commissioning services.

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