Community & Environment

Clear Energy Solutions is committed to lowering environmental impact in our operations and providing our clients with options and information to do the same.

Here are some of the actions we take towards improving our environment and quality of life:

  • Car pooling
  • Solid logistics planning to reduce transportation footprint
  • recycling
  • lowering carbon emissions in our fleet
  • behaviour modification
  • support like minded organisations
  • continued learning and personal growth

We think the answers to solving most of our environmental problems will not come from technology alone, because the issues start and end with … us!

It is with this understanding that Clear Energy Solutions has an equal commitment to our community and society, both locally and abroad. We believe that a shift in how humanity thinks and conducts itself both towards each other and our biosphere is the key to sustainable, happy, healthy living and progress now and for our future generations. With this philosophy Clear Energy Solutions contributes regularly to many organisations that have the health and happiness of people and planet in mind. As a company and individually we make monetary  contributions and perform charitable work for:

  • Wilderness Committee
  • BC Sustainable Energy Association
  • Harvest Project
  • Vippassina Foundation

and others.

If you are a “Community First” organisation, please feel free to contact us to see if we can be of assistance on our common goal to simply make this world a better place.